Don't be afraid to go
Be more afraid to stay
When you fail to choose your path
There's only one way

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I missed crying with you
I wanted to watch it die with you
There was never any ending
And we never said goodbye
I never knew how you felt
I never saw beyond your pride
And I think I would be ok now
If we both just could have cried

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Monday, March 29, 2010 Posted in | | 0 Comments »

spring is in the air
it's in the melting snow
and the flooding river banks
it's on its way, i know

i went out for a walk
with just my jacket on,
my ipod in my ears
and i was singin' a song

oh, spring is on its way
it's in windows at the shops
in the chocolate Easter eggs
and the pretty flowered tops

woke up with the sun today
and it wasn't nine o'clock
and under his warm rays
the birds began to talk

yes, spring is comin' 'round
and it's time to think ahead
to the tilling of the ground
and how to make the Easter spread

so i packed away my boots
and my mittens and my hats
and i found my umbrella
and my flip-flops and my flats

'cause spring is in the air
it's in the winds that blow
and the sunshine's warm repair
that makes the winter go

Picture was found on a random myspace thread. I cannot account for its origin. I did a google images search for "spring." I will probably get a virus just for looking at it...

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Sunday, March 21, 2010 Posted in | | 2 Comments »

Why does it still hurt? 
Why do I still miss you?
How is this possible?
When will this go away?
How does this nightmare end?
Why did I do it to myself?
How many tears can one person cry?
When is it over?
Tell me.

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