Dear KB man, I love your new album!
Your songs encourage me an have helped me some.
Especially the one that you called Open Letter.
This life is a battlefield and I want to get better.
While I'm not to the point of the girl in the song,
But I've been looking for love so long but I've got it all wrong!
I've been trying and failing and falling and crying
To God for some strength but I feel like I'm dying.
I've been used and abused and left empty and lonely.
Where are the good men who don't want to use me?
Why does love in this life gotta be so hard?
I wish I could just drop down my guard
But every time that I have has been a time
When I fell, went through hell with these guys
Who just wasting my time, feeding me lines
Using my insecurities to get next to me
Breaking me down, push me around
My heart is open, I'm broken, I'm asking you please
Pray for your sister, send me some hope
I got this disease! I need a cure or a vaccine
So help me, please. God, help me, please!

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