No sabes cuanto yo, a veces, 
quiero sentarme contigo 
y conversar, como antés.

Eras mi mejor amigo
y pensé que me entendias;
que me conocías.

No puedo negar el vacío 
que dejaste en mi.

No puedo evitar 
pensar en ti cada día 
y soñar contigo cada noche.

Me matas, aún ahora. 
Me arrepiento, no sabes cuanto,
de haberme enamorado de ti.

Te veo y trato de esconder el dolor,
pero no soy tan fuerte
para olvidarte. 

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i'm so tired of trying
i put this black ring on my finger
cuz i'm tired of lying
around, sitting here waiting
for someone to fly in
and sweep me off my feet
this life is not a fairy tale
and it's not fair as far as I can tell
cuz it's the ones who gave me hell
who are living the life I wanted, well
the life i think i wanted
or thought, because this life is not
what i thought it would be
now is time to wake up and see
that there's no such things as
happily ever after endings

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the place where my sideview mirror should be and
the dastardly cones who stole him from me

Every morning, as I cling to my coffee
I look for you, but you're not there.
I really miss you. I need you back.

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