I called you back, but the phone just rang
We seem to miss each other a lot these days
May be bogus to you, but I need some boundaries
And I know it hurts us both, but I think
It could push you to be the man I know you could be
Maybe that sounds weird, cuz I know
Not a lot of people's putting these expectations on you
But they don't know you like I do
They don't know that your heart is true
That you feel deeply about all you do
Yeah, you got a mouthpiece that you gotta control
Or maybe it got control of you, who knows? (lol ;-)

But forget about that, it's not so much about
You and your problems as it is my doubt
That I can make it at this time
In certain situations in which we often found ourselves
I'm strugglin with all these changes
That I'm trying to make to make my life better
To get through this cold weather
I'm not talking about snow as much as the aftermath
It's like Katrina tore through my life
And now I'm tryna get it back

So don't feel so bad.Ya sabes I love you
Don't think that I'm not always thinkin of you
I know that today is your big day
You twenty-two, yeah, do you!
But remember who knew you, the true you
When you was new, takin your first breath
Cuz I'm thanking Him for makin you
And for puttin us through all that we went through
And I'm praying that He'll make me and you
Something brand new in everything we do
Happy birthday, bro, I love you!

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I started writing this a few weeks ago and finished it early this morning at about 1 am. So if it stops making sense 1/2 way through, that's way. I'm not tryna hate on anyone either. Everything I say is because of God's love and grace, so don't miss that. Hopefully I said it with love. If not, God forgive me and help my efforts! 
~But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8~

Years in your eyes, you put on your disguise
I can't hide or deny these tears I done cried
As I'm watching you, you're slippin
Tyrna hold on to your existence
My heart is breaking for you, bro
But it don't annihilate the distance

You tryna reach Pluto
But this astronaut is trippin'
Got them stars up in your eyes
But they obstructing your vision
Get your head out them strange clouds
Let gravity pull you back down

You think that true life is won in the streets?
Or it comes between the sheets (get it)?
Well then you would be mistaken
It's not something that can be taken
Like watchin a disaster, it's a lot to take in
But all that garbage is just fakin'

I already told you, you already know
You wildin' out, you outta control
And I love you man, but you gotta grow
It feels so strong to say I gotta let you go
But you were never mine. (you feelin my flow?)
God's your Father, bro; you're not on your own

Gotta step away from this life I been leadin'
And follow that path that started in Eden
Leading to a cross where Jesus was bleedin'
Don't you see bro, we need him?
You can't get faded enough to fade out his blood
He didn't die for the just (who's that?)
He died and rose for all of us.

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