you look up to me and shout my name
a happy smile spreads across your face
a kiss on my cheek from your sticky lips
your little hands only reach my hips
your big, round eyes look up to me
but your face isn't the only face i see
you're a reflexion of the first one
who touched my heart; his only son
even though you are not mine
you represent a love i could not find
i loved him, and i love you
and even though his love fell through
your love, to me, is beautiful

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why can nobody make me feel,
besides the one who made me will not to feel?

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I'm terrified to see the look in your eyes
When you learn what I've done
Will you still want me then?
And I'm so afraid that you'll walk away
When the shine wears off and the glimmer fades
What will you have to say?

It's been so long since I trusted a man
So many have proved that it's not a good plan
I want to believe, leave my heart at your door
But I can't find all the pieces anymore
Been trying to put it back together for so long
But part of me is gone

It's hard to let myself feel again
So much went wrong before
I want to reach out, but understand
That I'm not to be played
Don't tell me you love me, then walk away.
I think I'd like you to stay.

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