Little bro, here's another song. I'm writing an original so you can sing along.
So I'm fresh like a rookie just getting off home plate.
My first base is a hit and run, so I gotta do time for a line so sick,
You'll pick it up like mono at midnight on New Year's Eve.
And you know I luh you like a fat kid loves to eat cake
But my affection for pastries makes my love seem fake
When you think about the choice our Savior had to make:
For our sake he took up the cross and defeated the grave
And all them things you could bake don't seem so great
When you look at his face, arms stretched out wide,
Cuz they nailed to the pine where he took our place,
Now what you know 'bout grace, fam?

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i miss...
  saturday morning, watching the world go by
  xbox, loud music, and touching the sky
  your arms around me, your hand in mine
  your sleepy eyes and long sighs
  mountains of pillows piled high
         the tears that i cried, all the ways that i died
         the anger i couldn't erase from your eyes
                  you stole the sun from my day
                  you turned my skies gray
                  left me nothing to say
                  gave me hope one day
                  and then took it away
                  i'm still lost in your gaze
                  i had nothing to gain
                  but you gave me your pain
                  and you took me away
         the fire inside, you stealing my pride
         your lies wrapped up in their truthful disguise
  climbing that hill to see the skyline
  your crazy blue eyes piercing my mind
  my hair in your hands and your dreads in mine
  the way that you made me feel so alive
i miss...

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I called you back, but the phone just rang
We seem to miss each other a lot these days
May be bogus to you, but I need some boundaries
And I know it hurts us both, but I think
It could push you to be the man I know you could be
Maybe that sounds weird, cuz I know
Not a lot of people's putting these expectations on you
But they don't know you like I do
They don't know that your heart is true
That you feel deeply about all you do
Yeah, you got a mouthpiece that you gotta control
Or maybe it got control of you, who knows? (lol ;-)

But forget about that, it's not so much about
You and your problems as it is my doubt
That I can make it at this time
In certain situations in which we often found ourselves
I'm strugglin with all these changes
That I'm trying to make to make my life better
To get through this cold weather
I'm not talking about snow as much as the aftermath
It's like Katrina tore through my life
And now I'm tryna get it back

So don't feel so bad.Ya sabes I love you
Don't think that I'm not always thinkin of you
I know that today is your big day
You twenty-two, yeah, do you!
But remember who knew you, the true you
When you was new, takin your first breath
Cuz I'm thanking Him for makin you
And for puttin us through all that we went through
And I'm praying that He'll make me and you
Something brand new in everything we do
Happy birthday, bro, I love you!

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I started writing this a few weeks ago and finished it early this morning at about 1 am. So if it stops making sense 1/2 way through, that's way. I'm not tryna hate on anyone either. Everything I say is because of God's love and grace, so don't miss that. Hopefully I said it with love. If not, God forgive me and help my efforts! 
~But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8~

Years in your eyes, you put on your disguise
I can't hide or deny these tears I done cried
As I'm watching you, you're slippin
Tyrna hold on to your existence
My heart is breaking for you, bro
But it don't annihilate the distance

You tryna reach Pluto
But this astronaut is trippin'
Got them stars up in your eyes
But they obstructing your vision
Get your head out them strange clouds
Let gravity pull you back down

You think that true life is won in the streets?
Or it comes between the sheets (get it)?
Well then you would be mistaken
It's not something that can be taken
Like watchin a disaster, it's a lot to take in
But all that garbage is just fakin'

I already told you, you already know
You wildin' out, you outta control
And I love you man, but you gotta grow
It feels so strong to say I gotta let you go
But you were never mine. (you feelin my flow?)
God's your Father, bro; you're not on your own

Gotta step away from this life I been leadin'
And follow that path that started in Eden
Leading to a cross where Jesus was bleedin'
Don't you see bro, we need him?
You can't get faded enough to fade out his blood
He didn't die for the just (who's that?)
He died and rose for all of us.

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Dear KB man, I love your new album!
Your songs encourage me an have helped me some.
Especially the one that you called Open Letter.
This life is a battlefield and I want to get better.
While I'm not to the point of the girl in the song,
But I've been looking for love so long but I've got it all wrong!
I've been trying and failing and falling and crying
To God for some strength but I feel like I'm dying.
I've been used and abused and left empty and lonely.
Where are the good men who don't want to use me?
Why does love in this life gotta be so hard?
I wish I could just drop down my guard
But every time that I have has been a time
When I fell, went through hell with these guys
Who just wasting my time, feeding me lines
Using my insecurities to get next to me
Breaking me down, push me around
My heart is open, I'm broken, I'm asking you please
Pray for your sister, send me some hope
I got this disease! I need a cure or a vaccine
So help me, please. God, help me, please!

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got the poison out my system
in a purely physical sense I miss him
sometimes I just want to be with him
but I got a better offer and that's forgiveness
and not even for him would I want to miss this

cuz its not worth all the lies he told me
it's not even worth the times he'd hold me
because that was just the old me
that person's dead and cold, see
I found a love that's worth more than homies
I found the God that won't disown me
and he won't leave me lonely
no reason to sigh and regret life
ain't gotta sip away my past strife
when God looks at me all he sees is Christ

and I'm afraid that I shouldn't say this
because I know that I can't repay him
I'm still weak and I'm gonna sin
the flesh tears at me from within
I can't win apart from him who died for my sin

but I have an advocate with the father
and he always pleads for his daughter
got the greatest lawyer on my side
you know another lawyer that has died
so he could win a guilty party's trial?

but you ain't never gonna find one
never gon' find a God who gave his son
won't be anyone whose sacrifice won
the fate of even just one, someone
shoulda told em to put down their guns
and trust the one who left none
in the balance, undone. he already won!

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i let you see me, but you don't know me
and those who know me can't come in
i let you see me, but you don't know me
you can be my anonymous friend
i'd like to take this ring off my finger
and let you know my heart within
but i've learned by falling down
that there's no reason to climb again
i've found that strangers are often kinder
than my very closest friends
or at least they have less power
to hurt me in the end

I actually wrote this 2 years ago and never published it. I reread it and happen to still like it, so I published it so all of my nonexistent readers can view it :P

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you tell me to feel, tell me be real
let the tears fall, let you see all
you want the truth, i don't know it
you want me to feel, i can't show it
you push me to run, you want me undone
but my house of cards can't withstand
these winds on this foundation of sand

why you wanna see me broken?
there's a reason these words are unspoken
you really want to open the flood gates?
you think you're ready for the big waves?
you gonna hold my hand as the water rises?
really wanna know what the reason why i'm high is?

well if you're going to take the floor out
from under me, you better understand me
and stand behind me, beside me, ready to
find me, to hide me when the demons come
to define me, to remind me that i am loved
don't leave me, please, redeem me!

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I have so many bruises and so many scars
I've been beaten so hard. I've fallen so far
Regret and shame, they are my middle names
Living life like it's just a game
I can't win, stuck and bound by sin
My life's a roller coaster, my life's a circle track
Up and down, round and round, now I'm back
Where I started. Let me off this ride
Give me an end in sight so I can have some peace tonight

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