you tell me to feel, tell me be real
let the tears fall, let you see all
you want the truth, i don't know it
you want me to feel, i can't show it
you push me to run, you want me undone
but my house of cards can't withstand
these winds on this foundation of sand

why you wanna see me broken?
there's a reason these words are unspoken
you really want to open the flood gates?
you think you're ready for the big waves?
you gonna hold my hand as the water rises?
really wanna know what the reason why i'm high is?

well if you're going to take the floor out
from under me, you better understand me
and stand behind me, beside me, ready to
find me, to hide me when the demons come
to define me, to remind me that i am loved
don't leave me, please, redeem me!

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