got the poison out my system
in a purely physical sense I miss him
sometimes I just want to be with him
but I got a better offer and that's forgiveness
and not even for him would I want to miss this

cuz its not worth all the lies he told me
it's not even worth the times he'd hold me
because that was just the old me
that person's dead and cold, see
I found a love that's worth more than homies
I found the God that won't disown me
and he won't leave me lonely
no reason to sigh and regret life
ain't gotta sip away my past strife
when God looks at me all he sees is Christ

and I'm afraid that I shouldn't say this
because I know that I can't repay him
I'm still weak and I'm gonna sin
the flesh tears at me from within
I can't win apart from him who died for my sin

but I have an advocate with the father
and he always pleads for his daughter
got the greatest lawyer on my side
you know another lawyer that has died
so he could win a guilty party's trial?

but you ain't never gonna find one
never gon' find a God who gave his son
won't be anyone whose sacrifice won
the fate of even just one, someone
shoulda told em to put down their guns
and trust the one who left none
in the balance, undone. he already won!

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