"who are you?" I said to the mirror
"are you beautiful; are you lovely?
will you ever be loved?"

"who are you?" I said to that girl
"where are you going?"
and I didn't recognize her

then that girl looked at me
and, with tears in her eyes,
she replied "I don't know."

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Sunday, February 28, 2010 Posted in | | 1 Comments »

it's days like today 
that make me want to drink
it's days like today 
that make me start to think
that i can't take one more
day like today

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this picture is from... the internet!

it hurts to forgive
and it hurts to be nice
girls are not always
sugar and spice 
(pretty much not ever, really)

i want to let go
and i want to move on
but i want you to hurt
for all that you've done 
(haha, i will crush you!!!) <<insert japanese accent here

it's not all your fault
i take the blame too
but it's hard to remember
it was more than just you 
(it was like, 97% you, 2% me, and 1% other)

i long to break free
for this all to be over
i'd like to crush your memory
under a big bulldozer 
(that rhymes with over... um, sort of)

but it's not that easy
it's just a little bit harder
than climbing a mountain
it's a good thing i'm smarter 
(than you, hee hee)

so i raise my glass
"cheers!" to this year
here's to knowing my future
is already here! 
(he's just kinda, waiting at the door, though. you know, he's kinda shy like that. he's not all about just bursting in or whatever...)

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I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to say.
It feels like it's been a long time,
But come what May.

Ashamed to say I'm afraid to go
And more afraid to stay.
I'd like to know right now what to do,
But come what May.

Butterflies dance on the inside
But outside I can't give it away.
Or is that just what I should do?
Augh... come what May.

I can't sleep through the nights that pass,
And I can't wait for the day
When at last to see your face again.
Come what May!

I'm so ready for spring to bloom
And for the sun to send his rays.
But I'm even more ready to hear your voice.
You come in May! :)

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with every day that goes by
i see the reason why
i'm the lucky one

and as the memories die
it's not as hard to try
to forget you

but when i close my eyes
and the daylight flies
you haunt me

when my dreams take flight
deep into the night
i see your face

and come morning light
no matter how hard i fight
i think of you

so all through the day
i pray to forget your face
and your memory

but when the light has gone
right until the dawn
we are one, again

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What once was fresh and crisp and white
Is now lumped and grey and dirty.
Winter came with all his glory and awe
But as usual, he just stayed too long
Like the once-novel house guest
Who eventually cleans out your refrigerator,
Along with your wallet and your patience.

Winter, who in November, made his first lovely appearance
And in December, made Christmas magical,
Had the audacity to make January insufferable,
And the brazen nerve to make February unbearable.
To him I say, "That's enough!
It is time to leave our fair home!
Let ol' Punxatawny Phil see no shadow
And be gone, post haste!"

So who ever said poetry has to rhyme? I dunno, maybe this is prose, but I'm not creative enough right now to rhyme everything! I blame that on winter, too... :S

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