with every day that goes by
i see the reason why
i'm the lucky one

and as the memories die
it's not as hard to try
to forget you

but when i close my eyes
and the daylight flies
you haunt me

when my dreams take flight
deep into the night
i see your face

and come morning light
no matter how hard i fight
i think of you

so all through the day
i pray to forget your face
and your memory

but when the light has gone
right until the dawn
we are one, again

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One Responses to "in dreams"

  1. Mama Kat says:

    I love this! And so crazy you would write it because on the way home tonight I was thinking about how when I'm alone and FINALLY have a minute to think my own thoughts free of babies screaming at me...they always drift to people I've lost or imagining losing people I love now. Amazing how those scars just never go away.