You don't hold me anymore
Your hands around my waist
Your eyes holding my gaze

But you don't hold me anymore
Fingers tighten on my neck
You hold me to your bed
Don't you have enough power yet?

You don't hold me anymore
I took a minute there to grieve
But you're nothing now to me
My heart has been set free
Cuz you don't hold me anymore!

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I fought for love, I fought so hard.
Look at me, I’m so scarred, but I never got to taste it
I hit and I clawed and I stabbed and I killed,
But all that time was wasted.
And now these scars, they won’t go away.
They stay, forever part of my ugly face.
And I pray that I could forget what made me this way.
Cuz love made me this way,
Not the real thing, but it cheap imitation.
Like I paid for a Rembrandt, but got a Salvation
Army poster print in a broken frame with stains on it.
But you get what you give, I suppose,
And I fought for love like this was a war,
So it’s no surprise that what I got back
Was broken trust and a heart attack. 

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