i miss...
  saturday morning, watching the world go by
  xbox, loud music, and touching the sky
  your arms around me, your hand in mine
  your sleepy eyes and long sighs
  mountains of pillows piled high
         the tears that i cried, all the ways that i died
         the anger i couldn't erase from your eyes
                  you stole the sun from my day
                  you turned my skies gray
                  left me nothing to say
                  gave me hope one day
                  and then took it away
                  i'm still lost in your gaze
                  i had nothing to gain
                  but you gave me your pain
                  and you took me away
         the fire inside, you stealing my pride
         your lies wrapped up in their truthful disguise
  climbing that hill to see the skyline
  your crazy blue eyes piercing my mind
  my hair in your hands and your dreads in mine
  the way that you made me feel so alive
i miss...

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