blank slate
and empty pages
open the floodgate
it's been waiting for ages

deep down
been there all along
words without a sound
harmonies without a song

rhythmic sensation
counting the timing
equals mega frustration

every try doesn't
fall inside the lines
the result is not pleasant

so don't look back,
and with colors in hand
turn the volume up.
paint a song without music.
sing a picture. 
write a feeling.
open your heart 
give every word meaning.
there's no time to lose;
for time is a gift.
on the page before you
show me what you've lived.

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One Responses to "paint a song"

  1. Alix says:

    Brilliant my dear Katie. An opening poem with punch! So happy to be your first of many followers.

    ♥ Casa Hice

  1. Jim says:

    An excellent poem for the first post on this blog, Katie.
    For so many of us those last two lines are what blogging is all about. Showing and making friends. :)