nothing leaves my head
the noise of all my memories
is maddening, deafening
every lyric, every rhyme
"How come I'm always there for you
and you're never there for me?
How come I'm always empty?"
i see me sitting at the lunch table
"Invisible. Likeable, but not liked."
a-a-a-annnd it skips a beat
then i'm "At the end of my rope
and somebody greased it.
L-l-l-life's not fair..."
step forward then step back
and it's getting harder "to go out on a limb
to put myself up for scrutinization
and if I thought that this was hard before
I didn't know what it was like
to stand empty handed at the door
and to have no one answer me."
and and and "it would be ok now
if we both just could have cried..."
if we both just could have cried!
but i cried, alone. alone. alone-
the memories. all alone together.
but "This is my life. This is my story.
This is my song. This is my glory."
so "I tried so hard and fell so far.
In the end it doesn't even matter."
and the memories never leave
they never let go. "Just let me go
Nobody has to know.
I'm halfway gone; just let me go."
years have passed and these words
"These words are my own,
From my heart flow." they never


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